Big Bummer

As the window for our statewide CT Big Day approaches, a stubborn low pressure system has set itself up to our west and will park itself there for the next week. Potentially unbelievable bad luck for our Big Day. It will certainly hamper our scouting, which was supposed to happen this week. I had done some inland scouting earlier this month but just for early breeders as many birds had not yet arrived on territory.

What remains to be seen is whether we can find a day without rain. While inclement weather, in the right situation, can be beneficial for birding, just a couple hours of steady rain on a Big Day can spell disaster. Picking a day will be a difficult decision for us.

But we're staying positive. There's still a chance that we hit a day with South winds and just enough showery weather to knock down migrants. Or, when (if??) this weather breaks, perhaps the state will be inundated with delayed migrants.

However, the current forecast of seven days of rain and east winds is not particularly appealing!

- NB


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