Icelandic shorebirds, here??

As I write this Newfoundland is currently in the midst (or just in the beginning phases) of an invasion of Icelandic vagrant shorebirds. The past two days have brought double-digit European Golden-Plovers and a pair of Black-tailed Godwits to those crazy Newfies. Today even the west coast of Newfoundland got into the action. Bruce Mactavish is excited and I love it.

This is something that happens with some regularity in Newfoundland in April. European Golden-Plover is the most expected of the group of possibilities. By rule these spring events do not translate into excitement here in New England. But will this one be different?

Over the next few days the east winds that are sourcing Newfoundland's bounty will back their way into our region. There's no reason why we can't cash in on one of these rarities. It's bound to happen eventually, right? Land masses that stick out to the east would be best...Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Long Island, certainly Nova Scotia, etc.

A long shot, but worth checking. Keep an open mind...

 - NB


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