Milford Point (Golden-Plover, Western Willet, Red Knots)

Shorebird diversity is beginning to pick up at Milford Point (CT) as the season rolls on. Among the regulars today we had an adult AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, a juvenile "WESTERN" WILLET, and three adult RED KNOTS. Among the flocks today were my first juvenile Semipalmated Sandpipers (a handful) and Semipalmated Plovers (two) of the fall among the throngs of adults.

After going a while without a point-and-shoot camera for digiscoping (after my Canon A590 finally crapped out), I picked up a cheap used one from eBay (same model). There are just too many situations in which digiscoping still yields better results than my 400mm dSLR lens when I'm dealing with distant birds. So lucky you, blog reader, as you'll again be seeing more crummy digiscoped photos here, just like the old days!

American Golden-Plover (adult, center of image). From a distance with Black-bellied Plovers, note the smaller size especially head/bill, white supercilium set off by a dark cap, and rich brown back.

American Golden-Plover (adult, second from right)

"Western" Willet (juvenile, center of image with bill tucked). Also note the fading alternate plumaged Red Knot along the shore to the right.

 - NB


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