Lighthouse Point - Sandhill Cranes, Cackling Goose

I spent a few hours at Lighthouse Point on this cold and WINDY day before heading to an afternoon wedding. There were some quality birds seen at Lighthouse today, raptors and non-raptors alike. The good hawks (two Goshawks, one Golden Eagle) were seen while I was not present, but I was there for the pair of SANDHILL CRANES and single probable CACKLING GOOSE that flew by.

Sandhill Cranes

Can you spot the Cackling Goose? It's the left-most bird in this image.

The Cackler is the sixth bird from the bottom in this photo

middle bird

top bird

The identification of distant Cackling Geese in flight is rarely straightforward. There is significant size variation in migrant Canada Geese in these parts, and many flocks include obviously smaller individuals. This bird, however, certainly has the feel of a Cackling Goose and is going on my list as such. Most notable are the overall small size, short neck, bill so small that it's hardly noticeable at a distance, and pointy narrow wings.

 - NB


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