New look, random thoughts

I thought it was time for a new look to the blog and decided to change it up a bit. I switched the template and added a new banner at the top (a Snow Bunting from Lighthouse Point earlier this month). I hope to change the banner seasonally. The next step will be to replace that profile photo in which I look, according to my girlfriend, like I "just got out of prison."

Really looking forward to this weekend. I was lucky enough to get Thursday and Friday off, and I hope to do a good deal of birding to 'celebrate.' Goals for the weekend include White-winged Crossbills, my first gulling effort of the season, and of course western vagrants. The weather doesn't look perfect for birding, but it doesn't look half-bad either. We shall see.

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  1. The Snow Bunting is a nice addition to the blog. There have been a couple reports around here of Cliff Swallows which are almost unheard of this late, and unfortunately neither observer considered Cave. It's been an incredible fall though with multiple eastern warblers on several days and several potential first state records (Hawaiian Petrel, Greater Pewee, Variegated Flycatcher & Bell's Vireo). Oregon is hosting a Pyrrhuloxia and BC had a Black-capped Vireo. Enjoy your time off.


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