Thursday 10/8 was indeed a good day at Lighthouse Pt, with over 1,000 hawks and a Red-headed Woodpecker seen. Tomorrow (Sat 10/10) is also looking decent...it's likely to start slow but pick up as the winds kick around to the NW and the overcast breaks up.

adult Red-headed Woodpecker at LHP

I was able to sneak over to the Veterans Park in Wallingford for 20 minutes today during lunchtime. It was my best alternative to twitching the probable Le Conte's Sparrow seen this morning in South Windsor...something I didn't have time to do. I got lucky and arrived between showers. A good number of sparrows in the community gardens there including 4 White-crowns and 2 Lincoln's, but the real highlight was an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, which is a species I've seen very few of in New England. For whatever reason they tend to avoid me.

Orange-crowned Warbler

White-crowned Sparrow

Tomorrow, search for the Le Conte's.

- Nick


  1. Great birds! We are headed to LP tomorrow and hoping for some of the luck they have had there the past few days. Hoping that Red-headed Woodpecker has decided to stick around for a couple more days too! Great shot of the bird BTW.

  2. Hi Kim, hope that you had a nice day at LP. It can be a great place if the winds are right.


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