Forecast: Lighthouse Pt this Thursday?

UPDATE 10/7: Tomorrow is still looking good for hawkwatching, but they're calling for clear skies. Bright blue cloudless skies make hawkwatching much tougher on the eyes because the birds do not contrast strongly against the sky...this is why partial cloud cover is preferable. We'll see what happens.
[end update]

Thursday's forecast is currently calling for 15mph winds out of the NW. This is a recipe for a fine day of hawkwatching at Lighthouse Point in New Haven. If there are some clouds in the sky (making for easier viewing), it could be a very good day. I hope to be there, on high alert for Swainson's Hawk, a species I have not yet seen in the east.

Of course the usual caveats apply. The forecast could change, or the birds simply might not cooperate. But as of right now it's looking promising.



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