New favorite birding spot?

I've been looking forward to checking out the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park in Wallingford, CT for several days now. While doing some internet scouting for spots in my soon-to-be new neighborhood I found that this park has community gardens, which is often a recipe for success with sparrows in October.

I made it there late this afternoon and was glad to see gardens, about 75 square yards, thick with plantings, weeds, and seeding grasses. Opposite the gardens were more weeds and shrubs with a small stream running through the middle. John Oshlick put it well when he said it reminded him a bit of the now famous Allen's Meadows in Wilton. If only there was a large weedy-covered dirt mound, it would look incredibly similar. If only it could produce good birds like Allen's...


more gardens

gardens to the left, more shrubs and weeds to the right

small waterway

I think there are trails back there somewhere...

Looking forward to a repeat visit.

And this is what Mackenzie Reservoir looks like right now...plenty of room for late shorebirds.

- Nick


  1. Got yourself an Orange-crowned already v. nice. Looks like a great spot!


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