18 July - Royal Tern, shorebirds etc

Spent most of the day yesterday birding the CT coast (and one inland pond) in search of shorebirds, terns, waders etc. Shorebird numbers were decent but not great. Notable observations were many Lesser Yellowlegs at multiple spots, and building numbers of Semipalmated Sandpipers. The only rarity/scarcity of the day was a ROYAL TERN at Griswold Pt in Old Lyme, my second of the year and continuing a nice little run of southern terns along the CT coast.

very distant Royal Tern digiscoped from Griswold Pt

Least Tern and chick

Piping Plover

the first Sanderling of the summer always makes my heart skip a beat...

adult Common Tern that has lost pretty much all of the black from its bill, as they're prone to do at this time of year

adult Bald Eagle was a surprise at Hanover Pond in Meriden

- Nick


  1. Funny, I felt the same way with the first 2 SAND at SFP yesterday.

  2. We're due for another stint. It's been 5 years already. Let's make it a Little this time...


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