Rarity weather, past and present

Quick note here.

Last weekend was looking decent for Cave Swallows and rarities but was looking like a bit of a bust...but it turned out I just needed to give it an extra day or two to see the results. The Franklin's Gull was nice, and then yesterday Cape May had a bigtime Cave Swallow movement thanks to some steady N/NW winds. They just needed that extra push to get to the coast, probably because the NW winds right on the heels of the front last weekend were disappointingly weak and not enough to do the full job!

Anyway, a powerful low pressure system is whipping its way through the Great Lakes right now. This is a more potent storm than last week's. Not going to get into the track or wind detail right now, but suffice to say that this could bring another batch of rarities to the northeast for the coming weekend into early next week. Be ready!!

 - NB


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