5/29 shorebirds

Yesterday was one of those perfect evenings at Sandy Pt and Milford Pt. A light breeze, the sun at your back, and a rising tide to concentrate several hundred migrant shorebirds. It felt like a Wilson's Plover or Curlew Sandpiper would come into view at any moment, but no such luck. Sandy Point at mid-tide had a few hundred birds, which is a decent number for this site. It doesn't hold the numbers that Milford Point sees, but its track record of rarities speaks for itself. Nothing rare tonight, but three stunning Red Knot were great to see. One of the birds was flagged, but it never allowed me to read the numbers on the tag.

Red Knot at Sandy Point

Milford Point held several hundred migrants (for example, 1150 Semipalmated Sandpipers) including 4 more Red Knot and 5 White-rumped Sandpipers. It was difficult to fully concentrate on the migrants when three newly hatched Piping Plovers were running around.

One of three Piping Plover chicks at Milford Pt

Least Tern chicks should be soon to follow...



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