Birds moving tonight

Winds tonight are quite variable across the northeast, but there appears to be a southerly component in many areas. The result is migration...not a surprise since birds have been backed up for about 6 days now. Here's a radar image from about 11pm:

As you can see there is a nice movement underway in southern New England and the mid-Atlantic. There must be an easterly component to the winds, at least along the coast, because the birds appear to be heading slightly west (notice the high density in western CT and NJ as compared to the eastern half of those states).

Tomorrow morning should be a good one to be birding. My guess is that the further west you go, the better.

Tomorrow night has very good potential for more migration. There may be rain to knock down birds, which is exactly what happened last Wednesday night, resulting in a mini-fallout across CT on Thurs morning.



  1. East Rock was good this morning, with 19 warblers and 3 vireos seen by myself, Roy Harvey, and Mark Scott. The Trowbridge area was more active than the river path, but good birds were seen along the river too. The backyard breeding Blue-winged gave me 20 warblers for the day...always marks a nice morning.

    Had an Eastern Wood-Pewee at ERP as well, my second of the year.


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