Milford Pt and tonight's migration

Kim and I spent a couple of hours at Milford Pt this morning around the high tide. While we were there, the volunteer Piping Plover monitors found a new piper nest that was outside of the roped-off area. Kim and I helped them put up new stakes and rope to protect this Piper and her eggs:

On eggs.

Two laid, probably more to come.

Shorebird numbers were not too impressive today, but there were still birds to look through. Several Least and a few Common terns were about. Best bird was probably a Merlin hanging out near the coastal center.

A nice southwest breeze is in place for this afternoon, which will extend overnight and into tomorrow. Tomorrow (Sun) and Monday will be good days to check for southern overshoots. Some species that come to mind for this time of year are Kentucky Warbler, Black-necked Stilt, Wilson's Plover, and Mississippi Kite.

If we get any rain tonight, that could help concentrate birds wherever that rain is falling.



  1. Might as well get a little crazy and note, with past Mass. event in mind, that Red-footed Falcons seem to be all over UK and western Europe right now

  2. Good point Greg.

    Also of note is a mini-invasion of Greenland/Iceland birds to Newfoundland. When we had those NE winds blowing on Monday, they were also blowing from Greenland to the Atlantic provinces and New England states. In Newfoundland they've just had a couple Euro Golden Plovers, a Eurasian Whimbrel, and many Northern Wheatears.


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