Black Skimmers, yard Blackburnian

Four Black Skimmers at Milford Point this evening.

I stopped at Milford Pt on my way home from Shea tonight and there were four Black Skimmers flying around the bars there. Shorebird numbers and variety were about the same as yesterday, with that White-rumped Sandpiper still present.

I made it to the Maltby Lakes this morning to find the place dead. Spent 30 mins walking the spruces and pines. Even the deciduous woods were basically migrant-free. Highlight was a vigorously singing Golden-crowned Kinglet in the spruces. Interestingly I had a singing GC Kinglet at this location back a few summers ago. Could they actually be breeding here? Seems unlikely but I hope to check back later in the season. In the deciduous woods there was a singing Eastern Wood-Pewee, my FOY. I try this place about once per year in May, and it's always dead. Of course I came home to 8 species of warbler including a male Blackburnian in the driveway.

East winds are blowing, and they're only going to get stronger tomorrow. Probably won't be able to get out and watch the sound, but a quick run to Sandy Pt between morning classes and evening hospital is very possible.



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