Friday, May 9, 2008

Operation: Curlew Sand

Lots of things happening in the birding world right now. There's a Wood Sandpiper in Delaware (where there was a White-winged Tern about a week ago), both kites in northern New Jersey, and two Curlew Sandpipers in NJ. WSB scouters and participants will likely find more goodies down there over the weekend.

I spent the afternoon getting drenched at Hammonasset, Guilford, and Sandy Point. Surprisingly nothing notable seen. My FOY Common Tern was a bit overdue.

It has been a good spring for Ruffs on the east coast, and hopefully a good spring for Curlew Sandpipers will follow. It's been 10 years since a Curlew Sand has been seen in Connecticut (though I remember an unconfirmed report ~6 years back), despite the species being about annual in MA and NJ. I'm going to try hard for this one in 2008, as long as my schedule allows it.


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  1. You think Connecticut is bad? New Hampshire hasn't had a Curlew Sandpiper since 1994! And we haven't had a chasable Ruff since the 70's (the only recent record was a single observer sight record about 3 years ago). Good luck though... you know I'd be doing the same in NH if I were back there.