Operation: Curlew Sand

Lots of things happening in the birding world right now. There's a Wood Sandpiper in Delaware (where there was a White-winged Tern about a week ago), both kites in northern New Jersey, and two Curlew Sandpipers in NJ. WSB scouters and participants will likely find more goodies down there over the weekend.

I spent the afternoon getting drenched at Hammonasset, Guilford, and Sandy Point. Surprisingly nothing notable seen. My FOY Common Tern was a bit overdue.

It has been a good spring for Ruffs on the east coast, and hopefully a good spring for Curlew Sandpipers will follow. It's been 10 years since a Curlew Sand has been seen in Connecticut (though I remember an unconfirmed report ~6 years back), despite the species being about annual in MA and NJ. I'm going to try hard for this one in 2008, as long as my schedule allows it.



  1. You think Connecticut is bad? New Hampshire hasn't had a Curlew Sandpiper since 1994! And we haven't had a chasable Ruff since the 70's (the only recent record was a single observer sight record about 3 years ago). Good luck though... you know I'd be doing the same in NH if I were back there.


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