E.J.'s school"work"

Many New England birders have come to know E.J. Raynor, especially those in CT and ME. Well, E.J. has moved onto warmer climes (at least for now). He is currently working toward his Master's Degree at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Here are a couple pictures he forwarded my way:

At the tern colony.

This would NEVER happen in Connecticut.

Tough life, eh?



  1. Hi Nick,
    Picture 1:
    This island, where these approximately 3,000 pairs of terns breed, is called Wine Island. The island is composed of dredge material taken from the Terrebonne bay for easing the pass for the oil industry's shipping. I'm comparing the habitat characteristics of artificial islands to naturally-formed islands in relation to nest success along the Isles Dernieres barrier island chain.

    Picture 2(light adult Pomarine Jaeger with bleached greater coverts)
    I think only a handful of LA birders have seen a jaeger on the beach; however, Pomarine is the only jaeger not on the LBRC review list and it's annual during fall migration.


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