4/8 - Yellow-headed Blackbird

The YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD reported yesterday by Stacy Hanks was still present late this afternoon in her Milford neighborhood. My timing was fantastic. Roy Harvey had been on site for over 8 hours! I don't think I was there for more than 15 minutes before the bird flew in :)

Here are a couple of digibinned photos:

- NB


  1. Excellent! I waited at a spot for 3 hours in Windsorto get a look at one but it was a no show.

  2. Glad your shots came out, Nick. Mine focused on branches that were much closer, so they are totally out of focust.

  3. Congrats on the state bird Roy! Well-deserved for sure.

  4. Excellent! Congrats on the state bird Roy!
    Naton wide cash is easy and fast


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