Migration and weather

This spring I hope to do more in the way of discussing nocturnal migration and how it relates to weather. Whether I do or not is another question, but folks to our north and south analyze radar on a more regular basis.

The go-to website for this has always been David La Pluma's page based out of New Jersey, woodcreeper.com. Unfortunately David is not going to be able to maintain the website for the upcoming spring migration, but his old posts and links on the right side of the page offer tremendous resources.

Tim Spahr of Massachusetts recently began his own website of radar interpretation, and I look forward to following it regularly.

Derek Lovitch of Maine has also been doing this over the past couple of years. View his recent blog entry, and be sure to click on his "Intro to Birding by Radar" link at the end of the entry. Derek does a fantastic job with this.

If anyone out there has interest in this, you can do it yourself. While it probably takes a long time to master, it's easy to pick up the basics from the start.

- Nick


  1. As a big fan of nocturnal migration I'm glad to see more discussion from around the blogosphere, especially your neck of the woods. I've dabbled a bit in the very shallow end of the discussion to track a bit around our area (southern tier/Finger Lakes in NY) and am psyched to learn from other sites.

  2. Hi.
    I have been checking out Badbirdz website..which I was surprised you didn't mention.
    The website is a good tool and also has some great links.
    It isn't your area..but I would imagine you have readers from all over the US.
    I look forward to reading your night migration and other general migration info..that you will be posting.
    I enjoy your blog and your expertise.

  3. Dawn, good call. Badbirdz is another good site for that sort of thing. They are/were affiliated with the Woodcreeper site I think (David La Pluma).

  4. The website is a good tool and also has some great links.
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