Incredible Coastal Gull Show

Over the past couple of weeks, thousands of gulls have concentrated along the CT coast between West Haven and Norwalk, most reliably centered around Stratford. They have spent much of their time feeding on some sort(s) of plankton/larvae that are currently 'blooming' out there. Whatever the food (the experts are working on it), it's making for quite a show.

Among the flocks have been several Iceland, Glaucous, and Lesser Black-backed Gulls. The stars have included a Mew(Common) Gull, Little Gulls, Black-headed Gulls, a probable Thayer's Gull and a possible "Old World" Herring Gull. If you want to count the probable Thayer's, eleven species of gull have been seen along this small stretch of coastline over the past two weeks. Let's see if we can add to this tally before the fun ends, which could happen any day.

- Nick


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