Transition complete

68 + sunny = goodbye gulls, hello neotropical migrants. My neighborhood this morning was pretty birdy with common stuff as I walked to my car on the way to school, including a handful of Chipping Sparrows that suddenly arrived overnight thanks to the SW winds. We're still only halfway through April, so we can't expect much more than a few warbler species at a time, but we're getting there. Many of the common early migrants are moving through in very good numbers.

Remember that just because you don't add a FOY species doesn't mean there wasn't a good deal of migration the night before. Also pay attention to numbers of sparrows, kinglets, etc.

When SW winds combine with clear skies at night, as last night, birds will be on the move. Check out this report from Ian Davies who bands birds in eastern MA.

Tonight will bring some more migration through the region, though as Scott Kruitbosch pointed out on CTBirds, conditions are not perfect by any means.

- Nick


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