Tonight's migration

We have a very interesting night of migration happening in our region. There is a cold front sagging into Connecticut from the north. To the south of the front are the warm temps and SW winds we experienced earlier today (in other words, prime migration weather). Currently, however, we're cloudy and showery with light ENE winds, but not too far to our southwest the radar is lighting up with birds.

Tough to predict how many birds will make it this far north overnight. When migration is at its peak, these are fallout conditions, as birds are knocked out of the sky when they fly into rain. Someplace in NY/NJmight be quite birdy tomorrow, but it probably won't work out for us this time. If it does, it will probably be in the SW part of the state.

Here is the current radar:

The horizontal lines and blobs in northern CT and MA are rain showers, but the diffuse blue patch in the NYC metro area is likely migrating birds (at least in part). It looks like birds are reaching CT after all. The cold front should continue to sink further south overnight, which should shut down migration in our state...but maybe not before a nice assortment of birds reach SW Connecticut.

- Nick


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