Long Island Sound on Thanksgiving

Yesterday morning, before the family dinner, I took advantage of the dead-calm conditions and took the boat out of Norwalk for the last time this season. Fishing was slow thanks to a weak tide, but waterfowl are clearly increasing out there. Highlights in CT waters included a large flock of 1300 White-winged Scoter, 52 Long-tailed Duck, and several of each loon. NY waters held a westward adult Northern Gannet and 2 adult Bonaparte's Gulls. It was a spectacular morning out there...it's going to be a long wait until the boat goes back in next spring.

WW Scoters

WW Scoter

part of the scoter flock

Long-tailed Ducks

On the other hand, now I can put my full focus back on birding, especially once I finish school next week!

- Nick


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