Nasty storm, but don't stay inside!

A brutal nor'easter has been battering the SE and Mid-Atlantic coasts for a couple days now, and here in southern New England we are getting the northern edge of it. Rain and NE winds have been blowing for a day now and will continue through tomorrow. Peak rain and winds should come this evening according to the weathermen. Right now the LI Sound buoys are clocking winds out of the NE around 27mph with gusts to's been like that all day.

Today I saw a local weatherman on TV comparing this to the "Perfect Storm" of October 1991. Since we don't often get sustained winds this strong for this long, birders should take advantage and get out seawatching tomorrow morning. For those of us in Connecticut, this storm presents one of just a couple opportunities per year to actually feel somewhat hopeful about seeing a single seabird! Since we're into mid-November, we have a [very] outside shot at Black-legged Kittiwake, Pomarine Jaeger, or alcids.

Now I just hope to take my own advice and get out of bed early tomorrow.

- Nick


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