More fishing than birding

I've become addicted to blackfishing lately, getting out a few times over the past couple weeks. That's more than I've been birding for sure. And during the rarity season...I must be crazy. I did have some spare time about noon today and walked the north end of East Shore Park in New Haven. Had 2 latish Blackpoll Warblers along with more expected passerines. No swallows yet.

East Shore Park is an exciting place at this time of year because the warm sewage pools (which are not visible themselves because they are raised) keep insects alive well into the late fall. This has allowed Cave Swallows to linger into December and Northern Rough-winged Swallows to survive into January in recent winters. Lingering warblers are also a specialty of the park. Really any insectivore would feel at home there. Birders have really started birding this place hard the last couple of autumns, but other than the swallows no real megas have been seen. Still, something like 10+ species of warbler were seen there last November...but nothing western. We'll see what this year brings.

- NB


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