Pair of Gray-bellied Brant?

One of the nice things about my recent fishing is that I drive past Veterans Park in Norwalk to get to the docks. Each time I'm in the area, I make a swing through the park. Back on 10/21 I located an interesting Brant that, according to a couple of Brant experts, looked good for GRAY-BELLIED BRANT.

A recent return visit yielded an all-too-brief view of two similar adult Brant that may be a pair of GRAY-BELLIED BRANT. Unfortunately the flock was immediately flushed by a dog-walker. The theoretical difficulties of separating Gray-bellied from hybrid Atlantic x Black Brant are well documented and quite logical, but the presence of two such adults side-by-side I feel may be supportive of Gray-bellied as the correct ID. It certainly makes things that much more interesting.

probable pair of adult Gray-bellied Brant

If anyone is in the area and would like to check for these Brant, high tide may be the best time, as the geese seem to prefer the mudflats and exposed rocks at the lower tides. Nearby Calf Pasture Beach also has some lawns that may hold grazing geese.

Scroll down for other recent posts on these Brant.

- Nick


  1. OMG you re turning into Mark S ;) Geese subspecies indeed - can't you go find some interesting gulls instead ;) Interesting birds - might check them out on the weekend.

  2. Luke,

    If I move to east bumblef*ck and start obsessing over juncos, then I know I'm in trouble. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

    Speaking of gulls, it's time to start hitting up the landfill. Finding weekday time over the next month will be tough for me, but once I graduate in mid-Dec I'll have the time. Let me know if you want to meet up for some gulling this year.


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