Easter morning on the Housy

Yesterday (Easter) morning my brother and I took out his 20' Seacraft for the first time this year. We didn't have much time before we had to be back for family Easter stuff, but we couldn't resist taking advantage of the great weather. From the Birdseye boat ramp in Stratford, we headed a bit upriver in search of Striped Bass. We spent about an hour and were able to muster a single fish.

my brother Andrew with his first fish of a year, a striper

Of course I was just as interested in the birds as the fishing, but things were quiet along that part of the river. A pair of Osprey were entertaining as they followed each other around with fish in tow. Otherwise, about 5 American Coot continue at the boat ramp itself.

- Nick


  1. One is better than none!! I never had great success over there, maybe because I suck a saltwater fishing. Blues are good right off Birdseye at the right times. You can actually score huge stripers off the dock at, well, The Dock, in Stratford. Must have been a sweet day to bust into the fishing season!

    BTW, I like your new header photo. BH Gull, right?


  2. Thanks Brian. We keep the boat in Norwalk, where Larry's is. Until the boat gets into a slip for the year, we have to trailer it. Sometime this summer you'll have to come fishing/birding/etc with us.

    As for the blog header, right church but wrong pew! It's a basic adult Little Gull, taken almost exactly one year ago at Southport Beach. What I really like about that photo is the pale salmon wash on its underparts...it was quite striking on that individual, more than I had seen on a LIGU before.

  3. Hey... even better!! I'm gone for the summer as of May 10th, so maybe we can get together before then (poor fishing prob). But I'll be more than willing to get out when I get back in mid July.

    I m assuming the hunked gulls in the back are Bonies?? =) You know I have good ID skills.... until the dreaded larids come into play!!!


  4. As warm as it has been, the water temps are still really low.


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