Florida trip begins

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon with Greg H, Frank M, and Phil R. We used the last 3 hours of daylight to search unsuccessfully for Smooth-billed Ani. I'm the only one of the group who needs it, and this may be my last decent chance as they're nearly extirpated.

Tomorrow we'll try again for the Ani, followed by Spot-breasted Oriole and then south to Miami for a couple more exotics. The recently seen La Sagra's and Bahama Mocker have apparently departed.

Speaking of exotics, we had a few speckly Muscovy Ducks today. They are on the FL state list. Can anyone tell me if they are ABA countable? I fear that they are but hope that they're not...

- NB


  1. Muscovy Ducks in Florida are an established exotic and are thus ABA-countable.

  2. Thanks, was afraid of that...feels dirty! Haven't decided yet if I'm going to go ahead and count 'em or not.


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