Last day in FL - SMOOTH-BILLED ANI on May 12

May as well put that one in CAPS. I thought I may have missed my chance at SBAN in the ABA area. But after several searches near the Fort Lauderdale airport, we finally turned one up at 800 Old Griffin Road. The bird called as we got out of the car at 9am but I stupidly chalked it up to one of the numerous singing Mockingbirds. Thanks to Greg, who split up from the group and spotted it teed up in an Australian Pine. We got on it briefly as it flew to the powerline cut and out of sight.

Great way to end a very successful trip to south Florida. Our only miss was Flamingo, which has given most people the slip over the past few weeks. There will be more.

More highlights and photos at a later date.



  1. Hello Nick,
    I've been to that location severa ltimes to look for the ani without any success. Maybe I'll give it another try.



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