Off to Alaska!

Currently sitting in the Minneapolis airport with the lovely and talented Carolyn Sedgwick on our journey to Alaska.

Not a birding trip per se, we'll be in and around Homer for a wedding this weekend. The bride and groom, and likely many of the guests, are birders themselves so birding is very much in the cards.

It's the first trip to AK for the both of us so life birds are guaranteed. At the top of the wish list? Aleutian Tern, Kittlitz's Murrelet, Fork-tailed Storm-petrel, Steller's Eider, Rock Sandpiper and a few more. Some are more likely than others. Perhaps an Asian vagrant will present itself. Just the scenery itself is sure to be awe inspiring.

Will check in here if cell coverage or Internet availability allows.

- NB


  1. One of my friends, Tom Johnson, is going to that wedding. Good luck with the lifers!

  2. Homer is a great town! I worked there a bit a couple years ago...I was hoping for an unseasonal eider out at the spit as well, but it never happened.

  3. Hey Tim, yep Tom was there as were several friends and acquaintances of mine, despite the fact that I did not meet the bride & groom until arriving in Homer! Great trip.

    Steve, the only eiders we had in Homer were a few Commons and a single King. No Steller's, unfortunately. Homer was a lot of fun. We could have stayed there for much longer; many sites to explore.


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