Eastern CT coast (Common Eiders)

Today's trip along the eastern CT coast was dominated by Common Eider at every stop. Normally, Common Eider are scarce to absent in Connecticut waters, but this autumn has been different. Following a couple rounds of east winds several weeks ago, Common Eider have been remarkably...well, common, in eastern CT. By the end of the day I had seen over 100 eider in CT waters and many many more distant birds that were possibly in RI or NY waters.

The most exciting part of the day actually came around noon when two commercial fishing boats entered Fisher's Island Sound from the east with clouds of birds around them. Last Sunday Phil Rusch lucked out with a Northern Fulmar following a fishing boat into CT waters at this location...for just the third state record. So I watched the boats with excitement as they approached Stonington Harbor, in hopes of a repeat fulmar or something else like a shearwater, jaeger, or kittiwake. Unfortunately I could muster nothing more than a few dozen Northern Gannets.

On my way home I stopped into the Hammo campground for a walk. I was impressed with the numbers of Yellow-rumped Warblers, and I was able to relocate 3 of the lingering Baltimore Orioles.

- NB


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