Really, eBird?!?!

First off let me just say that I love eBird and now use it religiously to log my data. It is developing into a fantastic project and tool for birders and, more importantly, bird conservation. I have many birding friends who are associated with eBird to varying degrees, from regional reviewers to project leaders, and I hope to get more involved myself someday.

That being said, please let me poke fun for a moment.

Today eBird posted the following article to their front page. Check it out...

Done laughing yet?

So, eBird, you're telling me that I can finally stare at my computer screen and wait for a little yellow dot to appear each time someone somewhere submits a checklist?!?! Where do I sign up!

Imagine the possibilities! I wonder if I can enter my next checklist in split-screen mode, checklist on one side and yellow dot map on the other, so I can watch my own dot appear as I click 'Submit'! Fascinating! There goes my afternoon...

Really? As if people aren't wasting enough time on the internet already? Like poking each other on Facebook, sharing useless thoughts on Twitter, or reading my lame blog...

 - NB


  1. What, do you think ebird would rather have people out birding or something? It's dangerous out there! Safety first!

  2. How do you expect to stay on top of the national birding pulse if you aren't examining every trip list in real time? I think eBird is filling a quite real need here...

    (not serious)

    Coming out west anytime soon?

  3. Eric, recently back from Seattle for work, but no western trips planned right now. Hope things are well!


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