Eastern Screech Owl

Yesterday afternoon's birding along the eastern CT shore was rather slow, but a detour to view a red Eastern Screech Owl on private property was quite nice. Also of note, the "Black" Brant continues in Waterford.

Eastern Screech Owl

- NB


  1. Hey hey my fellow argue(er)!! (lol)

    Just wondering...do you discern between 'black' Brant and 'atlantic' brant on your life list??

    For instance... Harlan's and Krider's Red-tails?? I have cackling goose as a seperate lifer, but when I get to Red-tailed Hawk I have 157-Red-tailed Hawk then 157(a) Harlan's and 157(b) Krider's. (just an arbitrary number... not sure what Red-tail is on my list).

    I know it is usually up to the birder, but I was wondering with this particular species, having seen the Stratford bird.

    I still don't know how you pull out thses ssps in these flocks!! I felt awesome when I was able to pluck a Ross' Goose out of like 15k_ Snow Geese in ND!!


  2. Oh.... BTW.... my road-trip is still on. I would've had to pay EVERYTHING out of pocket to take the NJ banding internship. Money I have been saving for this trip.

    Did you ever make it out to Arizona??

  3. Hey Brian,

    Bummer about the internship. At least you have your trip to "fall back" on.

    As of right now there is only one Brant species in the world, with 3 official subspecies. I don't think there has ever been a really good case to split Black Brant from the others, but I'm no expert on the matter. I generally follow the AOU (American) decisions regarding taxonomy. In some cases the BOU (British) taxonomists are more split-happy, but they have not split Brant either. So, I do not add "Black" Brant as a separate species on my life list. But identifying subspecies is still very worthwhile, if not just to contribute to what we know about subspecies' range.

    PS - rescheduled CA/AZ trip to Feb 14-24

  4. Makes sense. I usually follow the AOU tax. also. Until Charlie B. told me Cackling was split (I thought it was, but wasn't sure).

    And I am expecting your homework completed upon return to CT on the best spots to hit up in SE Arizona!!! Granted I'll be there in mid Spring, not late winter, but still. =)

    It is a bit of a bummer, regarding the internship. But I spoke with Char Weston (master bander at the Coastal Center) and this season I will be getting into pretty much the same things I'd be doing in Jersey. Not to mention I wouldn't get my banding license in Jersey... I could do the Cornell course later in the summer (hopefully).



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