January listing

While I'm not setting out for any records here, I've decided to attempt a bit more chasing this year, focusing on species I either haven't seen in a while or those I particularly enjoy observing. Don't get me wrong...finding birds on my own is much more enjoyable, but getting out to chase "good" birds brings me to new and unexpected locations, which is part of the fun of birding. Plus it's extra motivation to get me outside during a cold snap like the current one. Here are some highlights from the past few days.

JAN 4:
Milford Pt - Short-eared Owl, Rough-legged Hawk, adult "Kumlien's" Iceland Gull
Edgewood Park - Rusty Blackbirds


"Ipswich" Savannah Sparrow

JAN 5:
Private location - Saw-whet Owl
Stratford spots - "Western" Willet, Orange-crowned Warbler, Lapland Longspur

profile of "Western" Willet

a particularly pale Lapland Longspur which did not show any rufous tones to the greater coverts...not something I recall seeing on a lappie before

another "Ipswich" Sparrow

JAN 6:
Bloomfield - Dickcissel
Windsor-Bloomfield Landfill with James P. Smith - Glaucous Gull, 5 "Kumlien's" Iceland Gulls
East Windsor, Broad Brook Pond - Greater White-fronted Goose

first-cycle Glaucous Gull

adult Kumlien's #1

adult "Kumlien's" #2

one of the adult Kumlien's overhead...strikingly pale

thanks to the eagles, this was our typical view of the gulls today

- Nick


  1. Great Birds, Nick!
    You've had a terrific January so far, I'm excited to see what comes next!



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