Southwest trip CANCELED

Well, so much for that. Already packed, I'm glad I just checked the latest weather reports, which included the following statements about the next 7+ days in SoCal and southwest:

Most of SoCal will see 3-6 inches at lower elevations, with perhaps triple that amount in favored areas."

"Since the models are in such truly remarkable agreement, however, and because of the extremely high potential impact of such an event, it's worth mentioning."

In short, the next 2-3 weeks (at least) are likely to be more active across California than any other 2-3 week period in recent memory. The potential exists for a dangerous flood scenario to arise at some point during this interval, especially with the possibility of a heavy rain-on-snow event during late week 2. In some parts of Southern California, a whole season's worth of rain could fall over the course of 5-10 days. This is likely to be a rather memorable event. Stay tuned."

Now THAT is bad luck. Luckily, canceling with American Airlines and Fox Rental Car was entirely without penalty and took a matter of minutes. For once...good customer service without any nickel-and-diming.

I will likely try to reschedule for sometime next month.

- Nick


  1. Sounds like you made the right choice, but what a bummer. I hope the reschedule works for you!

  2. Good decision..we are currently outside Tucson..expecting high winds and lots of rain today..southern cal is getting socked..


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