Southeast AZ trip summary

I'm recently back from a 7-day birding trip to southeast Arizona, spanning Aug 1-7, 2010. Joined by James Restivo, Phil Rusch, and Glenn Williams, we birded nearly non-stop, as long as the weather allowed.

Glenn, Phil and I flew into Phoenix on the night of Jul 31 and were joined on Aug 1 midday by James, who flew into Tucson. Right from the start, things went quite well for us. Our target species were, more often than not, found with relative ease. The weather also cooperated for most of the week; we didn't see a drop of rain until Day 4, which is quite lucky during the monsoon season. We were so efficient and lucky with the weather that we ended up ahead of schedule for most of the trip. This allowed us to spend more time searching from those few species that played hard to get, and even visit a few sites we had no intention of being able to squeeze into the schedule.

Even if you were to take away the birds, we enjoyed the majestic scenery, interesting small towns, non-avian wildlife, and great company.

Over the next few days I'll be posting a day-by-day summary with some photos. I didn't take too many photos this time because we were often sharing the scope views or just moving at too quick a pace to allow for digiscoping. Maybe one of these days I'll buy a real camera.

I'm already looking for an excuse to head back. Perhaps a spring visit will be next?

- Nick


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