Quiet time of year

I'm trying here for the same reverse-jinx I succeeded with last year at this time (last time it was entirely unintentional however).

March into April has never been my favorite time for birding. It is sandwiched between mid-winter, when boreal/arctic species such as irruptive finches and raptors are most abundant, and the amazing push of spring migration that begins in late April. Yes, FOY species are trickling into the area, which is getting many birders excited. I enjoy them too, but not quite to the same extent as most. I enjoy birding at all times of year, but this is my least favorite.

Last year I made a blog post saying pretty much the same thing. What followed was an incredibly exciting run of local birds: "Common" Mew Gull, probable Thayer's Gull, Yellow-headed Blackbird, "Black" Brant, and last but FAR from least a Western Meadowlark found and IDed by Tina Green. Each of these records can be referenced in the Mar-Apr 2009 archives on this blog.

I'm generally not a superstitious person, but I'm giving the reverse jinx another try. Hope it works...

- Nick


  1. Was there a 'black' Brant off Stratford Point in 08?. Was one of them sometime in December or early jan??

    I found a notebook from last year and, stupidly they are not dated, but the page before the first note was 12/04/08. I wrote 'inter/dark' Brant.... this was at Stfd Pt.

    Then a few pages/days later, I have my list for Stfd Pt., and it says '(1) Brant (black??). A few pages later is dated 1/10/09.

    All the credit in the world goes to you for IDing these, if I may say so myself, ridiculously hard subtle differences in Brants and other birds. But I'm wondering if I saw one (maybe the same bird?) and, at that time not having yet a full year of birding under my belt, didn't grasp what it could have been??

    I think I have photos.... I'll try and dig them up.

    BTW... I'm one of the excited FOYers. I get bored (as bored as an obsessed birder can get with birds) by now with everything, and it gets me stoked to see our spring and summer buddies. I actuall pumped my fist and dig a little jig when I had my FOY osprey. =)



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