Was very glad to get a wake-up call from Patrick Dugan this morning to inform me that Tina Green had found a FORK-TAILED FLYCATCHER at Cove Island Park in Stamford, CT.

"%$#@! On my way."
[hang up]

Fork-tailed Flycatcher - likely first-year male?

Hopefully some closer, sharper photos will be taken so that we can definitively ID the bird to age/sex, even subspecies if possible in non-adult-males.

- NB


  1. Beautiful photographs of a fine bird! Thanks for sharing, Ned Brinkley

  2. Thanks Ned. Digiscoped from a distance. There were some photogs with heavy gear there who will get much better stuff.

  3. Nice pics Nick. I just steal mine from AJ - should have seen the ones I took. At least with this bird no matter how bad they are you can still tell what it is ;)

  4. Well done Nick! Nice photos Glad many of us got to see this beautiful bird.
    Hopefully others will get the chance tomorrow.


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