Northern Lapwing

A mind-boggling find by Phil Rusch in Storrs, CT at the UConn campus. A first state record, and I believe only the fourth New England record (singles from Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island...nothing recent).

With Barnacle Goose. No, this photo was not taken in Ireland.

Apparent basic adult with a tall, wispy crest. At the risk of sounding like a teenage girl, OMFG. CT has hosted some damn good birds over the past few months, particularly WT Kite, Fork-tailed Fly, and now this bird. Incredible.

On top of that, a BARNACLE GOOSE and GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE at the same location completed the Ireland/UK trifecta. A flyby COMMON REDPOLL was another highlight.

- NB


  1. I received your message today and was able to get great looks at the bird along with some OK video.


    Brian Kleinman

  2. Nick, was this one appear in the article you compiled for The Connecticut Warbler about what new state birds people were expecting?

  3. Nice shots Nick, especially like the Barnacle Goose and Lapwing together. Have to say I'm happy the FT Fly appeared in Stamford and the Lapwing in Storrs - the other way around would have been annoying. Nice to think that maybe for once NJ and MA birders will be jealously eying our list for a change ;)

  4. Hey Roy, yes, Northern Lapwing made the Top 15. It placed at #11, receiving votes from four of 13 birders. The four that picked it were: Greg Hanisek, Mark Szantyr, Frank Gallo, and Danny Williams.

  5. Those are great pictures of the northern lapwing,I love the crest on the 8th picture.


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